“You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus” Mark Twain.

My first Exhibition pic-start of this blog.

It was 25 th dec 2007 ,the moment i landed in Mumbai and i knew that i would love this city of dreams.and 3 years after that day i m thankful my that my thoughts have not changed about Mumbai.I still am very much in love with it!
I started to explore Mumbai every day,mostly on weekends..and was amazed by the variety of things/emotions/stuff mumbai can give u!

I had always love photography,so after 2 years of burning out in office i some how saved some money to buy a camera for me(thanks to a special freind who pushed me to buy that).I bought my first camera:)
Since last year i am learning photography and what better way than to learn on the field.I joined photoclub within my firm.I joined a flickr group as well(i am yet to attend a photowalk soon with them).

Often on weekends we go on photo walks around Mumbai(Its been fun i hope i continue doing that.)I am learning a lot about mumbai,and photography!
I started uploading pic on my office blog and was happily surprised to know that people like my work.So i thought to make an external blog as well..(I am not very good with words so i have a photoblog as well, where i just uplaod pics)
The comments gave me confidence to take part in contest,there was a photography contest in my office where 2 of my pics won in 2 categories.

Recently i sent 3 of my pics to MumbaiWeekendShoot the theme was about Mumbai its people,what do you see Mumbai as.Its very difficult to select 3 pics out of 200+ pics, thats where my friends and family helped me choosing the 3 pics(i asked them to vote for 3 pics out of 13).
the results were out soon and i was very happy to know that 2 of my pics were selected to be displayed at the exhibition!No matter how small was the place or event or our pics, its a nice feeling to know that your work is getting dispalyed.(I cant thank enough MWS team)
So I will try to share Mumbai as i see and discover!Let me start with the Exhibition pics.

The following two pics were displayed:

Secret prayer

A street scene at Lalbaug

Kiran Rao and Team met all the photographers to talk about what she also loves-Photography.Wonderful personality.

I saw Dhobi Ghat and loved it,i can relate a lot to the movie.

The Team minus Amir

Before this movie was released i and a friend went to dhobhi ghat for a photo shoot and it was an experience(saving it for my next post)

Do leave your comments/feedback/critique..

More of my work on FB/Flickr and a photoblog..click here.


One response

  1. Neha Arora

    Glad u’ve started writing….reflect ur witty personality in ur writing and it’s gonna be a good read.
    Best Wishes.

    February 1, 2011 at 10:12 PM

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